+ Jørn Simen Øverli - short interview

"Popular polish songs are different from norwegian songs. They are much more poetic, absurd, dramatic, banal, expressive, refined, funny, many-coloured, surprising, etc. I think the songs with lyrics of Osiecka are excellent examples of these mind-shattering qualities. I am sorry to say that the lyrics in norwegian popular songs today are boring, flat, unintentionally funny, and without subtexts."

+ Joanna Lewandowska Zbudniewek - short interview

"I started to study her songs in depth quite late. Especially the songs from the "Nie żałuję" ("I Don't Regret") album which contains those poems which are the closest to my heart. I shall try my best with a new Osiecka song which was recently composed by Jerzy Satanowski. This shall be one of the most beautiful moments on my musical life."

+ Grzech Piotrowski - short interviev

"For me Agnieszka Osiecka and the Old Gentelmen Cabaret are the icons of Polish music. They have created longlasting standards in which the value of the lyrics is extremely important. Amidst the invation of pop culture and the shallowness of the media it is hard to find someone who could measure up to such a high value. That is the main idea for which this whole project came into being."