(22.03.1957 - 10.04.2004), singer, songwriter, guitarist, journalist. Even though his body of work is very diverse he is known mostly for his politically commited songs as well as characteristic expressive performances. His most famous song „Mury“ (inspired by Lluis Llach’s Esteca) became an unofficial anthem of the Polish Solidarity movement in 1980s.

He gradutaed from Warsaw University where he majored in Polish studies. He made his debut in 1977 on at the Student Song Festival in Cracow where he was awarded first prize for his song „Obława“ („Wolf Hunt) based on Vladimir Vysocky work. In 1980 he won second prize at the Opole Song Festival for „Epitath for Vladimir Vysocky“. In the early years Kaczmarski was inspired by Vysocky: „I think all I wrote between 1974-78 was under the influence of Vysocky. The poetry itself as well as the style of performing.“

In 1979 he started working on a musical project called „Mury“ (The Walls) in cooperation with two other fascinating musicians: Przemysław Gintrowski and Zbigniew Łapiński. „Mury“ became the unofficial anthem of Solidarność and has become since then one of the most popular Polish protestsongs. Jacek Kaczmarski emigrated from Poland, lived in France and West Germany working for Radio Free Europe.

In 1990 he returned to Poland, worked with Jerzy Satanowski and in 1995 he decided to move to Australia. He died in Gdańsk, Poland. More information on this legendary Polish artist as well as many of his songs can be found on www.kaczmarski.art.pl