(12.11.1947) Composer, arranger, accompanist, conductor. He was the pianist and co-fouder of the legendary Polish trio Kaczmarski/Gintrowski/Łapiński.

Composer of such songs as „Czerwony autobus“ („The Red Bus“), „Wigilia na Syberii“ („Christmas-Eve in Siberia“), „Dzieje Hioba“ („The Acts of Job“). Zbigniew Łapiński together with the singer and guitarist Jacek Kaczmarski and the composer Przemysław Gintrowski created important musical, culural and social events, among others „Mury“ („Walls) and „Szukamy stajenki „Looking for the Stable“) in Poland during the communist period between 1970. and 1981.

In 1989 together with Jorn Simen Overli in Norway he was awarded the Spelleman Prize for the arranging of Vladimir Vysockij’s songs.

In 2004 he was awarded the Cross of Merit.