For Joanna each concert is a spectacle. She focuses closely on the message, the truth she wants to tell. With all her modesty and young age, Joanna is one the strongest interpretators of Polish poetry. In her repertoire she sings songs by Agnieszka Osiecka, Jan Wołek, Marek Grechuta, Jonasz Kofta, Andrzej Poniedzielski. Kuyavian from Warsaw. Finished piano in 2nd level music school. Her music education took place on theater stage. 5 years adventure with „Metro“ musical gave her the acting classes.

She acted in the „Metro“ musical, one of the biggest and extremely succesful Polish musical productions. Joanna acted in main roles as a vocalist and a dancer. Classes of acting, singing, jazz, voice emission and diction were the way to the stage in this musical. „Pamiętajmy o Osieckiej“ festival in 2002 was crucial for her. She performed Włodzimierz Wysocki’s „Konie“ translated by Osiecka. She won the jury over and the recognition of the media and of the composer and director Jerzy Satanowski.

Joanna Lewandowska-Zbudniewek is a lareate of numerous contests and festivals,1 st fellowship of Marek Grechuta for the most promising young artist at the 42nd Student Song Festival in Cracow and the Grand Prix, public prize, and ZASP prize for individuality of the „Tańczące Eurydyki“ festival in Zielona Góra.

Joanna Lewandowska-Zbudniewek is in charge of vocal training of actors at the Rampa Theater in Warsaw, Poland. She recorded her solo album „Najwcześniej później“. The album contains songs written especially for her. Music producer is Grzech Piotrowski, also playing saxophone, keybord and samples. Lately she recorded a new album „My Courtyard“ at the Polonia Theater in Warsaw.