Saxophones, duduk

With no doubts Grzech Piotrowski is one of the most interesting individuals in the Polish music world.

A composer, arranger, excellent saxophonist, bandleader and also a music producer. In 1997 he started his own ensamble called Alchemik composed mainly by students of the Jazz Academy in Katowice, Poland. The band was a quick success, winning many important prices, i.e at the Odra Jazz Festival in Worclaw, and he first price at the Hoelbaart Jazz Festival in Belgium. In 2005 Grzech Piotrowski recorded his solo album „Sin“. The record earned fantastic reviews and proved tht Grzech is a musician who makes his own original way not copying any fashions or trends. In 2009 Grzech Piotrowki produces a new album called ‚Emotronica“. „In my musical EMOTRONIC everything is about uncompromising combinations of radically different musical genres. Combining them with an emotional saxophone, a sax which almos weeps here. Each of the instrumentalist plays with a 100% engagement. All solos are dyamic. Interesting are the those compositions in which I play saxophone without the mouthpiece.“

In the Aspirin Blues project Grzech Piotrowski not only plays with the ensamble but he is also the producer of the Polish tour.